Maintenance Sports Massage

Sports Massage consists of three basic forms: Pre-event, Post-event and Maintenance Massage geared towards participants of athletics.  Maintenance Sports Massage is a form of bodywork that is done at least once a week as a regular part of athletic training programs.  It is used to prepare the body for athletic activity and maintain it in optimal condition.  It is useful in the areas of injury prevention and recovery and to help athletes recover from workouts.  Various techniques such as compression, Swedish and  Deep Tissue massage, trigger point therapy, stripping, stretching, as well as range of motion exercises are incorporated into each treatment to aid in athletes achieving maximum performance and physical conditioning with decreased chance of injury or pain and a quick recovery.  

  • 50 Minutes: $160

*  Additional $20 weekend/holiday fee per service

Post Event Sports Massage

A post event massage is performed anywhere from 30 minutes up to 72 hours after competition or activity. Various massage techniques along with passive stretching are utilized to increase blood circulation, remove metabolic waste and calm muscles down after intense exercise to help treat and prevent muscle soreness, fatigue and tightness.  

  • 25 Minutes: $80

*  Additional $20 weekend/holiday fee per service