Newborn babies weigh at least 3-4 pounds. Infants weigh 6-7 pounds.

This class is for parents or caregivers and their medically stable newborn/infant. However, this simple effective massage is good for all ages of babies. MamassageMe welcomes all babies who have yet to walk.

Only two parents/caregivers are allowed per child per group/weekly class.  Family members are more than welcome to sit in during a private class and are strongly encouraged to participate in getting acquainted with baby. Baby’s FIrst Massage is an excellent tool in assisting with learning how babies communicate with us. Participants of the class learn how to interpret cries and time out signals, how to comfort baby as well as the many benefits of nurturing touch.

Yes. Each class is set up for two adults per child.

Yes. All caregivers are welcomed to attend a class, however, only two adults are allowed per child per class.

A receiving blanket, a diaper bag with extra clothes, diapers and wipes, and formula if needed.

Cold-pressed grapeseed oil is used in class. Cold-pressed or expeller-pressed does not use chemical solvents or high heat during processing. It’s a better choice than oil made with solvents. If you or your child has an allergy to grapes, please feel free to bring any lotions or oils you use at home. Cold pressed oils such as grapeseed, safflower, apricot, sesame or sunflower can be used. Make certain to avoid nut oils, especially peanut, if any history of nut allergies exist in the family.

Privates sessions last approximately 45 minutes, however 60 minutes of time is allotted for set-up, Q&A, and closing. Group classes last no more than 90 minutes. Weekly classes last 45 minutes.

MamassageMe will be offering weekly massage classes.  The classes will be available to clients that have either attended a private in-home or group class.

Every child is different, however we want to steer away from deep pressure. As well, light pressure might have a tickling effect which has proven ineffective for the massage. A medium pressure is best and can be determined during class to make certain you are working effectively.

The necessary materials required for class include a receiving blanket, a diaper bag with extra clothes, diaper and wipes, formula if needed. You are more than welcomed to also bring a thick baby blanket or a “high density foam” orthopedic pillow that can also be used for future at home massages for baby.

To ensure a more intimate setting, we limit our class sizes to 4 or 5 children.

Each class consists of a lecture and hands on training. Some topics covered include recognizing “Time Out” cues, different types of crying, and calming techniques.

Circulation is improved, which may speed healing of birth-related trauma. Feedings are digested better, which may help the baby gain weight easier and grow at a faster pace. Stimulating the nervous system through the skin may help build muscle tone, coordination and brain functioning. Due to its calming effects, massage leads to a deeper, more restful sleep. The immune system is stimulated through the skin by at least five minutes of rubbing daily. A nurturing bond is created by the special attention given to baby which helps you to grow closer to one another. After learning Newborn/Infant Massage, parents have experienced feelings of increased closeness to baby, a better understanding of baby’s needs and increased confidence in their ability to care for baby.

Your instructor will demonstrate all strokes on a doll while the caregiver does the actual massaging.

At this time MamassageMe services the Chicago city area.