Shiatsu for Restorative Sleep

A form of Japanese bodywork meaning “finger pressure”, Shiatsu is based on traditional Chinese medicine. The practice of Shiatsu is intended to increase the flow of Qi, or energy flow, throughout certain pathways in the human body known as meridians, which can become blocked leading to elevated levels of stress, poor health and a variety of acute and chronic conditions such as insomnia.

Performed while the client is fully dressed in loose fitting clothing, your therapist will utilize rhythmic Shiatsu pressure points with focus on numerous nerve endings in the hands and abdomen which have a profound effect on the nervous system. As well, due to its ability to activate the vagus nerve, abdominal shiatsu helps to encourage the body’s rest and digest response. Both areas aid in improving sleep patterns and reduction of insomnia as Shiatsu promotes relaxation. If done on a regular basis, treatments can be quite effective.

  • 45 Minutes: $125

*  Additional $20 weekend/holiday fee per service